Ugliness Unnoticed – Dialogue Boxes in Final Fantasy VII

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In which the author explores what kinds of ‘poor craftsmanship’ can be gotten away with when developing dialogue boxes.

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The “And And Quest” in Dragon Age and Ni No Kuni

In which the author discusses a failing of conventional game design theory that has been generally resolved in other media long ago.

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Level Up Systems & Mad Max

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Mad Max was an underwhelming game. I feel like it was almost something amazing, but after a few hours it became clear that it wasn’t going to deliver on its conceptual promises.

After my initial disappointment, however, I started to enjoy picking it apart, simply because it did a few things differently. Little things that other games don’t always give much attention to. One of those things was its level up system.
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Stress Rehearsal & GiantROM 3

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Download Stress Rehearsal for Windows

I just took part in my first game jam. It was also the first time I’ve ever worked on a game project as part of a team.

The theme was E3 Presentation and during brainstorming, we all decided we liked the idea of making a local co-op game similar to Overcooked, where you’re working backstage to make sure E3 doesn’t fall apart.
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Anxiety and Ancient Rituals

Cave paintings have been suggested as an ancient means to confront anxiety

In which the author suggests that the lack of initiation rites in modern society contributes to the prevalence of anxiety amongst new adults.
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Doom 4

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Some people would argue that they don’t make shooters like this anymore. I think those people are wrong; they never made shooters like this.
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Obligatory Introduction Post

I suppose I should get this place in order and introduce this blog. My intentions are to update at least once a week on matters related to mythology, gaming, the gaming industry, game design and I want to chart my own progress through the development of my game.

All of that: forthcoming.

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