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Irish Typing Game was something of a collaboration with MiniChimera Game Studio, from whose Space Police State X this game was adapted. Check out their stuff over at their blog or their


Irish Typing Game allows you to use custom vocab libraries in a challenging environment. Shuffling between up to 5 vertical lanes, you will be required to translate English words into Irish before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Irish Typing Game screenshot - 4 lanes

If you’re not entirely familiar with the vocab, you can display the English and Irish alongside each other. Or if you want to ignore the English altogether, you can display just the Irish.

Irish Typing Game screenshot - 5 lanes

User Created Dictionaries

You decide what vocab you learn. You can choose from the included libraries, or you can create your own using the templates provided.

If you’re learning with Buntús Cainte, memorising the Foclóir Beag, or you’ve been given a long list of words to learn off for school, you can throw whatever you’re studying into your own library and play them within Irish Typing Game.

And if you want to limit your focus to certain phrases in a library, you can choose to hide words without deleting them from the library.

Irish Typing Game screenshot - user libraries

Non-Irish Keyboard Support

If you have a non-Irish keyboard, you only need to hold a vowel key down for a fada to appear over it.


Give it a try and let me know what you think or tell me which features you’d like to see added. You can find me on Duolingo or Discord or you can email me at

Download Version 1 of Irish Typing Game for Windows!
(Requires Windows XP or later)

Download Version 1.1 of Irish Typing Game for Mac OS X!
(Requires 10.8 or later) (Endless thanks to scilling from Duolingo for help with the Mac version.)

Planned Features

  • In-game performance ratings
  • More in-depth tracking of stats and user progress
  • Diacritic support for other European languages
  • A catchier title?

Upload your custom libraries here

If you create a library, send it on to me, and I’ll try to include it in the next update.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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