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I just took part in my first game jam. It was also the first time I’ve ever worked on a game project as part of a team.

The theme was E3 Presentation and during brainstorming, we all decided we liked the idea of making a local co-op game similar to Overcooked, where you’re working backstage to make sure E3 doesn’t fall apart.

Stress Rehearsal screenshot

Stress Rehearsal was made by Bradley Pollard, Adam Marsh, Simon Alenius and myself in 7 days.

Our choice of multiplayer made no sense, since it would be likely that working remotely, we wouldn’t be able to play-test our own game. We also mapped it for Xbox controllers despite only one person on the team owning an Xbox controller. It turned out pretty well despite that, according to the people who managed to play it.

Stress Rehearsal cast

A word of advice: do not make a multiplayer game.

Unfortunately, we thought the host of the game jam would be judging the games. Then we thought the GiantBomb crew would be playing the ones that stood out. In reality, it was judged by other gamejammers. In the end, only three people managed to get together enough friends to play and rate our game. At least they rated it very highly!

We came 2nd in terms of overall score, but when accounting for the amount of people that played it, the algorithm rated us as 24th in the jam.

Very proud of it, nonetheless, and the experience was certainly something else!

Gameplay Footage

YouTube channel Stumpt have done a Let’s Play of Stress Rehearsal!


If you’re one of those weird people who still have friends to play co-op games with, you can download Stress Rehearsal here!

A word of caution